“There I no culture without change and  no change without experiment and innovation”

“The impact of new ideas in society is not measured in market, it measures in people’s mind”


Jorge Villacorta, January 2009


         Escuelab is a space in the center of latin american capital that seeks to encourage Young creators, theoreticians and activists to Project their ideas, shaped in the present, to design and built possible futures in which the gap between technology and society will be addressed through the imagination.

Escuelab offers a dynamic and modular study plan, focused on the undertaking of projects, which combine disciplines usually practiced independently from each other. This action facilitates transdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of arts, science, technology and new media.

 What type of results is Escuelab seeking?

Modern world has been realized the need for links between art, science and technology. However, methods remain traditional because they stimulate the use of labels for fear that the disciplines lose character. With this perspective it is difficult to achieve knowledge integration.   

Escuelab seeks to go beyond isolated efforts aiming at unexpected experimental effects with socio-techno-cultural potential, generated through teamwork perspective with an emphasis on the use and recycling of available resources and technology.

We promote conceptual development and execution of personal projects, through an emphasis on artistic creation linked to the strengthening of technical concepts, which largely is given by the practice.

This achieve one of the essential objectives of Escuelab: incubation of projects in Escuelab will be the mark of an advanced training in a current context that requires the visibility of Latin American youth as creators and sensitive and internationally competitive.